I have to be honest, makeup becomes one of my least favourite tasks once Summer comes around. Spending 30 minutes putting makeup on that will just end up leaving you greasy and shiny in a couple of hours? No thanks... When I do opt to put makeup on, I have to make sure that I'm protecting my skin from the sun. Here are my 3 favourite SPF foundations for the summer!

1. L'Oreal True Match Foundation - This is the heaviest coverage out of the 3, so I usually only reach for this on special occasions that require more makeup. This one contains SPF 17.

2. Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation - This one is by far my favourite out of the 3. I have used this foundation, on and off for about 5 years now. I'm always trying new ones, but I always end up coming back to this one after a couple of weeks. This one is a medium coverage, with an SPF 20, making it my perfect day-to-day wear foundation!

3. Clarins HydraQuench Tinted Moisturiser - This is my 'it's too hot let's just slap some makeup on' foundation. I am currently using a tester, but when I use this, I use very little product because I am just aiming to even out my skin tone, not cover or conceal. This one has SPF 15 in, making it perfect for the days you want to protect your skin, but still look fresh faced!

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Have you tried any of these products?

I am a self confessed Primark addict. They have so many, pretty - yet affordable items that always fit the newest trends.

I recently picked up this little beauty for £25. It is the perfect light jacket for Summer! It is in a beautiful blue-grey shade, made from an incredibly soft faux suede material and finished with silver hardware. I've been adding this jacket to plain outfits that need jazzing up slightly!

My favourite way to wear this, is over an all black outfit -My black ripped jeans, a black slouchy t-shirt and white plimsolls. It adds a pop of colour and makes the outfit a little more fun! I've also recently been adding my new sunnies from urban outfitters to make it look a bit more styled and put together!

I know this post is very short - but I just wanted to show my best find from Primark in a while!

I'm always wanting to change the decor of my room. Having a clean and pretty bedroom is one of the main factors in keeping me motivated! I have collaborated with Blind Hut to create this blog post on my take on Summer interior trends to create my dream bedroom!

Block Colours

As you can tell, I am a fan of mixing patterns. I tend to mix pretty pink patterns with bold black and white prints. I added the pink 'plate' style pattern with a variation of black and white cushions, such as  the geometric one from Ikea (middle back), the 'R' initial cushion (gift) and the stitched chevron cushion (Primark). To break up these patterns, I added 2 dusty pink velour square cushions from Primark, with a rose gold foiled square cushion to add some glam!

Product Displays

I always have my perfumes all lined up and on show. At the minute, I have them next to my new Ion light up turntable which I snagged in the HMV sale for £50 a few weeks back! I'm in love with it! I always like to keep luxury product carrier bags, such as this one from Harvey Nicholls. Not only do they look pretty, but they can also be a discreet way to store boring items. For example, this one holds paracetamol and ibuprofen in case I feel ill during the night! Plus, they're free when you buy makeup and I'm sure everyone has some lying around the house! If you don't - it's another excuse to buy that lipstick you've been wanting...

Ok, so I'm completely aware that you can see the washing on the line outside the window, but please ignore it! I always have items on my windowsill because I think it looks so pretty. I currently have some of my book collection which I have yet to read, with an hourglass I bought in the BHS sale for £3 (similar here) with a Clementine and Honey candle from Primark, and one of the candles from a Next set I received as a gift. I also have my cacti from Ikea, the Daisy Picking and Seaside Stroll Zoella Lifestyle candles and a hanging plant from Wilkinsons!

I'm absolutely in love with my room at the minute and incredibly happy that I managed to save and get most of my items from Primark Home!

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Ever since the new Benefit brow products were released last year, I've wanted to try some of them. I finally got around to trying the 'Ka-Brow'.

I've been using this for about a month now, and I'm absolutely in love with it. It comes with an angled brush which makes it incredibly easy to apply. It isn't waxy, so it doesn't drag across the brows or become very patchy or hard to build. With its' cream formula, it becomes incredibly easy to build from a natural to bold.

One thing I have noticed is that a little product goes a long way. You barely need to put any pressure on the product with the brush to pick up enough for a strong application. Once you apply, you only have to dip the brush at least once or twice to complete the rest of the brow. With its 24 hour wear, it doesn't smudge or transfer, which for me, being I draw on a new brow shape with this product. I want to make sure the shape I draw on will not smudge off throughout the day.

I have this product in shade no. 5, which is a dark brown shade. They have a really good choice of colours, taking into account all the different undertones. There are more hair colours than 'Light' and 'Dark', and Benefit have really hit the nail on the head to make sure they provide colours for everyone!

I love this product, and hope to test some more out in the future!

Have you tried any of the Benefit brow products?

I'm collaborating with the people over at 'The Car People' with their 'Thanks Dad' campaign in honour of Fathers Day!

Every year since I was about 4 - me, my mam and my dad have loaded all our stuff in the car and driven to a cottage somewhere for a week in a cottage. Now that I'm working, we won't be able to do it this summer, which makes me incredibly sad. I always loved the drive down to our holidays, and I've compiled a little list of why I loved it and some of my favourite memories!

1. Collectively laughing to some sort of radio show... John Bishops Alphabet Soup podcast in particular! However, more recently we've began to see the humour in the plot twists within BBC Radio 6's choices. Could be listening to Kanye West one second, and a classical concerto the next!

2. I was always the only one in the car who enjoyed travelling in the rain. I don't know why I loved it so much - to be honest I still love it now! I think it made me feel extra cosy with my excessive amount of blankets and cushions I'd bring on holiday with me. Always packing too much! Nothing's changed then...

3. McDonalds breakfasts were always a must when leaving for our holiday. About an hour in, we'd stop off at the McDonalds drive through as a treat to mark the beginning of our summer hols!

4. Before we had the joy of Sat Navs, we always had to follow a road map and plan out our route on paper first. It was always quite exciting as a young child going down all the country roads and little villages whilst on the way to the cottage.

5. I Spy... Need I say more? This was like the most fun game as a 5 year old. Gets a bit repetitive once you play it every year for 5 years whilst on the motorway though...

I loved summer holidays as a kid so much. I'm absolutely gutted we can't have one this year! This will be the first year in 16 years that we haven't been away for a few nights as a family. I don't want to get old! Hopefully we will be able to get something booked in over a weekend if I can get the time off work, but even so, it won't be the same as packing up and calling a little countryside cottage home for the week!

What are your favourite car journey memories?

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