I have to say, I'm not the best at contour. I find it way too hard to find the perfect shades that blend well and are perfect for fair skin. I really don't want it to look like I have 2 noticeable stripes down each side of my face. I decided to give this one from Makeup Revolution a try since every other product from them I've loved. I wasn't disappointed!

The palette has 8 different shades in, ranging from darker contour shades, lighter highlighting shades and a pearlescent shimmery highlighter for the cheek bones. It really is an all in one palette - can't really go wrong for £10!

Starting with the highlighting shades, there are 4 matte light powders in the palette. These come in really handy for setting concealer since they're not translucent. It adds a little more coverage, which for me is always a bonus. I tend to use the more pink undertoned powders since they're a closer match to my foundation colour. The other yellow toned powders are rarely used - only sometimes when I use my NARS Sheer Glow foundation in 'Siberia'. In this palette there is also one, super pretty shimmer highlighting shade. This is a pearlescent, white shade which makes it perfect for a natural glow. This shade is a lot more toned down on shimmer than the ones they sell in their famous Golden Sugar palettes, but it is just as effective. I tend to reach for this one on the days I go for a lighter makeup application to add a slight glow to complete the look.

As for the darker contour shades, they run a lot darker than what you would typically expect for a bronzing palette aimed at fair skin. This is definitely not a bad thing. This means I can build up my contour with a few different shades depending on the event I'm putting makeup on for. For example, for day to day wear, I stick to the lightest bronzing shade to give the most natural effect. If I feel like I want to go a little bit heavier with the application, I will build up with the other 2 darker shades. One thing to definitely note with these is to use a very light hand and build up, rather than swirling your brush in the pan uncontrollably. It'll end up being waaaaay too hard to blend since the shades are all so highly pigmented. You'll lose the natural look you typically aim for.

So, once again, Revolution have created an amazing beauty product at an affordable price! Win win situation really! These are currently available in fair (as featured in this post) and light medium.

If you've tried them, what's your favourite Makeup Revolution product?
I'm going to try and make this a monthly thing... (I said this the last time I posted a similar post however that lasted a grand total of 1 month. Oops) But anyway, here are my favourite songs at the minute!

1. Sign of the Times - Harry Styles
2. Love - Lana Del Rey
3. Green Light - Lorde
4. Jasmine - Jai Paul
5. Retrograde - James Blake
6. Honey & I - HAIM
7. You Don't Know Me - Ariana Grande
8. Intertwined - Dodie

You can listen to the full playlist on Spotify!

If you've read my blog for a while - or read some of my older posts - you probably noticed that I am a massive Naked Palette fan. When I was at the Ellefluence Urban Decay event last November, (yes, last November... I was meant to post this review aaaages ago!) I picked up one of the Naked Illuminated Highlighters in the shade 'Aura'.

This product retails for £24, which isn't too bad for a high end product such as this. It has a high quality packaging. It's actually covered in a soft fabric, which makes it look quite luxurious. (also a reason why this stays out on my dressing table because it looks so pretty) But does this compare to the MAC Mineralise Skin Finish? Yes and no... Whilst this UD highlighter is both shimmery and glittery in the pan, and looks incredibly pretty in the packaging, when swatched it feels quite rough and chalky. Not like the MAC or Revolution highlighters which have a silky, almost creamy feeling texture to them. Whilst the shade is incredibly pretty in the pan - as I said, both shimmery and glittery - when you swatch, it is definitely more glittery than shimmery. This is great, in my opinion for a night out. Possibly if you're wearing heavier makeup for an event, that glittery look may be more fitting, however for day-to-day wear, I don't think this product gives you that 'natural healthy glow' you usually look for in highlighters.

Another thing that sets it aside from the MAC highlighter is the fact it comes with a brush to apply the product. This may be part of the reason the UD product is a few pounds more expensive than the MAC one. To be honest, the brush doesn't really do all that much for me. I love using the Artis brush dupes by Neverland Beauty to apply highlighter because the bristles are really dense. This helps get the maximum capacity of product from the pan to your face. Not to mention highlighter is so much more intense when applied with a more dense brush. With this brush, I feel like the product just gets lost in the bristles, and a lot of the pigments may fall off and disperse before it actually hits your face. 

As well as this, the product lacks the pigment of other highlighters I have tried. Rather than a blinding glow you get from the MAC and Revolution products, it is more of a toned down slight shimmer with chunkier glitter pigments in. Again, perfect for a night out - not so much for everyday wear.

So overall, is it worth the £24 price tag? In short - no, I don't think so. As much as I love Urban Decay for their eye products, and can 100% justify £40 for one of their palettes because you know their eyeshadows are very hyped. However, there are so many more highlighters on the market that are both cheaper and work much better than these. For example, the Revolution Golden Sugar Palettes which retail for £6.

Have you tried these Naked Illuminated products before? What did you think of them?

So... yeah... this happened!

I've honestly wanted to start a youtube channel for years, but never had built up enough courage or confidence to do it.

I've posted a couple of videos on old channels before, but I am going to try and keep this channel up and running with regular uploads.

I'm not speaking in my videos for now, taking one step at a time. Also, my video was filmed on my phone so it's not perfect. Hopefully soon I'll have a proper camera and tripod for it!

You can check out my first video here -

A few weeks ago, I attended the #bloggersonthebusevent organised by Bethanie and Stagecoach to mark the launch of their mobile app. The app allows you to track buses and order online day tickets to be used across the North East. The event was at Jalou in Newcastle, and we got to design our own phone cases!

As I mentioned, the event was to mark the launch of Stagecoach's new ticket app, which allows you to buy local day tickets straight from your phone. After the event, I went and downloaded it to test if for myself and it's turned into a life saver! I could be named the queen of being unorganised so you can probably understand that every morning for work I'm scrapping around all my handbags trying to find change for the bus. This makes it so easy since I can just tap a couple of buttons and I have a ticket that I can use the whole day!

Unfortunately, I don't have any photos of our goody bags, but everyone received one. We all got nail polishes (mine in a pretty barbie pink. I'm all about it) some sweets, a CD and possibly the smartest thing - a portable phone charger, which I have needed for months!

We were given free drinks all night, and it was an amazing event to socialise at! If you're in the north east and you haven't already - give the stagecoach app a go! You can download the app here!

I'd never really tried Still products until my bestie got me one of these lipsticks for Christmas last year. Oh my my whole perspective on matte lip products has been changed!

 The colours I have are 'Bordeaux', which is a dark red wine colour, and 'Mon Ami', which is a grey toned pink. They're both amazingly pigmented and neither are drying at all! As I've seen with a few lipsticks recently, they don't have a formula that dries out as fast. They stay more satin-like on your lips meaning you don't have to worry about flakiness just from talking which many liquid lipsticks do. They're not patchy, and top ups apply smoothly and seamlessly, and does not disrupt the previous product underneath.

They're extremely long wearing, as the 'Stay All Day' title may suggest. I wore 'Mon Ami' at a blog event a couple of weeks and I only reapplied once throughout the night. Probably didn't even need it I just like to make sure everything is even!

'Mon Ami' is unlike any colour I have. Yes its a pink toned nude which is basically the majority of my lipstick collection, but never with the grey tone as well. Because of the grey undertones, it goes really well with silver, grey and taupe eyeshadows, with a silver, pearlescent highlighter.

'Bordeaux' is the perfect red wine shade and I wore it a lot over the Christmas period. In fact, I don't see the point of assigning colour rules to certain seasons and I'm going to be wearing this all the way through Spring and Summer.

These lipsticks retail at £15, and can be bought in any stores with a Stila counter, however, I ordered 'Mon Ami' from Beauty Bay!

Have you tried these lipsticks before? What did you think of them?

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