Sunday, 28 February 2016

Next Mothers Day Gift Guide

My mam is possibly the most impossible person to buy for. She has everything she needs, so trying to decide what to buy is always a task and a half!

So I have to admit, this wasn't what I had planned to post today. I was going to go out and visit the beach, take some photos of my hometown and share them with you. However, today I'm basically bed ridden after hurting my back sorting out the newspaper returns at work (great) so I've put together this post, and hopefully you'll like it just as much!

Next is one of my favourite shops to go to for all my gift giving needs. They have some really pretty things there (especially in their home section). Only recently did I realise that Next had a flower service! (and yes, they're just as lovely as everything else they sell there!) So, it was just common knowledge that I had to include them in here somewhere right?! I had to share them with you!

2. Velvet Bloom Perfume (100ml) //  £12
6. Tan Strap Gold Watch (sold out) // £24

I hope you enjoyed this post!


Thursday, 25 February 2016

5 Things I Wish I Knew Before Starting A-Levels

6th Form is stressful, I'm not going to lie. My school didn't tell any of us what to really expect from A-Levels when we start them, so I went into heavily coursework based subjects completely oblivious to the impending stress ahead. Here are a few things I wish I knew before starting them!

1. It's much harder than GCSE;
We were told it was harder to an extent, but I had no idea that it was going to be just as tasking as it was.

2. English Language is nothing like GCSE;
I took English Language at A-Level because I thoroughly enjoyed studying it at GCSE. I finished in year 11 with a B grade, however when I got into 6th form, I lost my love for the subject, and didn't understand the work we were completing. I quickly lost interest, however, now I'm trying to pull myself round to finish the year with at least a pass!

3. Teachers are less likely to help you (in my case anyway);
I attend 6th form in the same school I studied my secondary, GCSE subjects in. Without my change of scenery, I felt like a lot of the independence that should come with studying A-Levels wasn't there for me and I started relying on my teachers for lots of help and for my coursework deadlines to be extended. It doesn't work like that when studying a levels, and in hindsight, I should've moved to a college with no link to my old school, as I think I may have done much better in the subjects than I have been doing at my current 6th form with a little change of scenery.

4. University isn't the be all and end all;
I went into A-Levels with dreams of studying primary education at a university away from home. After a while, I changed my mind and decided I wanted to study media production at Salford uni (about 2-3 hours away from home). I then changed my mind once more and decided I wanted to study mass communication at Northumbria. About a week before the UCAS uni application deadline, I had a little breakdown, completely gave up with trying to improve my ever so low grades in psychology, and decided I was going to drop the subject. My school still wanted me to apply for uni, but I came to the realisation that it just wasn't for me, and thus didn't apply. I wanted to seek the independence coming from a full time job, and so am applying for jobs after I finish my exams.

5. Organisation is key;
Like I mentioned in my '3 Ways I am Going to Stay Happy' post, I am possibly one of the most unorganised person ever. I lose notes for my subject and end up having to re-compile a whole set of notes when the exams come around. I mean, this kind of is common sense, but I had no idea of just how many notes, and pieces of notes I would need.  Over the next week or so, I am going to be sorting all of my revision notes into subjects and units, so I can keep track of what I have revised, and what I need to revise.

This all being said, please don't be put off A-Levels or Uni. If you really want to follow a dream, then go for it! Just do some research beforehand, which is where I slipped up!


Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Payday Wishlist!

Ok, not gunna lie I get so excited for the end of the month just for payday. After the luxuries of having birthday money to spend (and swiftly spending it all) I've gone back to living the poorly payed job/A-Level student life. I gathered a few bits that I would love to buy on payday (unfortunately, I don't think my minimum wage pay will allow me to get everything, but I can give it a good try!

1. Troye Sivan Blue Vinyl // £19.99
2. LVNDR // 'Foxy' Midi Ring // £10
3. Peaches&Co // 'Bees Knees' Phone case // £15
4. Peaches&Co // 'Cheer Up Buttercup' and 'Hello Sweetpea' Prints // £2.50 each
5. Peaches&Co // Giraffe Origami Pocket Mirror // £4
6. Topshop // Front Pocket Purse // £16
7. Casetify // Black Marble and Pink Macbook Sleeve  // £37.49

So there it is! I just wanted to mention the lovely Danielle from 'Peaches&Co' who is currently designing my new blog header that is going up next week! I'm so grateful for the time she's spent dealing with my requests, and you should check out her store! I'm loving her designs!


Monday, 22 February 2016

Blogs You need to Read

As a long time blog-reader, I have built up quite a few blogs I regularly check for new posts, and found some new ones since I've been blogging myself! Here's 7 blogs that I have been loving recently!

Estee Lalonde

Taken From
I've followed Estee on Youtube for quite a while (and even got a tweet back when I was about 14 which sent my little fangirl inside doolally) and she is hands down one of my favourite bloggers. Her sense of style is amazing, and she seems like she has such a kind nature. I always look forward to watching her videos and reading her posts when she publishes new ones!

You can read Estees Blog here


Taken From
Ahh, again, one of my favourite blogs that I've read, and Youtube I've watched. She is a real role model for young girls, and has been able to document her journey with depression/self harm which takes so much courage. She is also now a curve model, and doing an amazing job at it! Definitely worth a read!
You can read Gracies blog here

Becca Rose
Photo Taken from
Another blogger/youtuber I've known for a while! Her sense of style is amazing and I live for her Primark hauls over on Youtube. She always finds the nicest stuff there! Her blog features a mixture of beauty, fashion and lifestyle. Her most recent post is about her newly decorated living room, which looks amazing and can provide some inspiration!

You can read Becca's Blog here

Life By Becky
Photo Taken from
I haven't been reading Beckys blog for too long, but I'm so glad I found it! Her posts are on a wide range of topics, and I always enjoy reading them when a new one is posted. She's also a regular commenter on my posts (as am I on hers!), and always leaves the loveliest comments! (P.s. how cute is her blog header?!)

You can read Becky's Blog here

Pearls and Poodles
Photo Taken From
I found Milly's blog through instagram, and have been obsessed ever since. Her posts are mainly centralised around beauty and skincare, however has thrown in a few different variations along the way. I've been reading for just over 2 years now, and since she has celebrated her wedding, and welcomed her first child (the cutest little gal ever) Florence!

You can read Milly's Blog here

Lily Melrose
Photo Taken From
Lily Melrose runs a UK based style and fashion blog, a very good one at that! I love her sense of style and her posts are so enjoyable to read. She recently published a post informing us that she is spending more time on her Youtube, which is also amazing! You should check both out!

You can read Lily's Blog here

Your Own Queen
Photo Taken From
Another lovely blogger who has commented on a few of my posts since I started. Her blog is focused on self-improvement, and is so lovely to read. Her blog has inspired me to try a few 30 day challenges over the next few months in a bid to allow myself to feel healthier. I am starting with challenging myself to go 30 days without sugar, and 30 days drinking only water! 

You can read Kirsten's Blog here

All of these blogs are so lovely to read, and I hope I've helped you find some new sites to add to your reading lists!


Sunday, 21 February 2016

Rouge Dior Baume First Impressions

Nothing's more satisfying than getting a new high end lippy! That perfect, logo-ed goodness is too good to ruin! Unfortunately, if you follow that outlook then you'd end up wasting a lot of money.. but at least it'd still look pretty, right?

The shade I chose is number 558 'Lili', and it is a beautiful rose-y pink colour, which has a lot of shine. This is because 'baume' translated from French to English is 'balm', and so it does provide the needs of a balm, with the appearance of a lipstick rather than a balm. The formula is very moisturising, and can replace a balm before a lipstick. The first reaction I had trying this product was that it was really smooth to apply, and almost just feels like I'm applying a chapstick. The colour pay off is essentially a 'your lips but better' look, as the colour is very subtle. I would wear this lipstick with a very neutral eye, as it is in my opinion an amazing everyday, casual colour and formulation.

Top - No Product, Bottom - With Product
As you can tell, the colour is very light, which I was initially annoyed about, however after feeling the formula and feeling how smooth it is on my lips, it made up for it. However, at £26, I would've liked it to be a little less sheer.

Watched, the product seems like a brighter colour, however when applied, is very similar to the natural colour of my lips and so doesn't have the effect that I initially wanted or expected. That being said, the formula of the product is amazing, I love the subtle hint of colour and it feels very moisturising on the lips, so I would probably buy more!

I think this product would be incredible for anyone who suffers from chapped lips, as this glides over and acts as a treatment at the same time!


Wednesday, 17 February 2016

A Day in Leeds + What I Bought With my Birthday Money!

So as part #7 of my birthday celebrations, me and my friend decided it would be a nice idea to head into Leeds for the day for a spot of shopping. I still had my birthday money burning a hole in my pocket so why not eh?

Since Leeds is a couple of hours drive away from I live, we had to set off pretty early (around 8am... I don't know how I stayed awake all day) We picked my friend Sarah up and off we went! Once we got there we had a lot of time to kills, so we wandered round the shops (effectively a browse before intense shopping after lunch) to get a feel for what we wanted to buy (sad, I know..). We went to Topshop and stumbled upon the photo booths a lot of the bigger stores have, so obviously we had to take some photos! We also found one in Urban Outfitters which are the black and white ones in the photo but they weren't near as good as the Topshop ones! (Lack of flash = Prominence of blemishes - Not a good mix!)

We headed for lunch at Pizza Express and got dough balls for starter, which were amazing as always. I then just opted for a boring pepperoni pizza, but you can't go wrong with the classics!

Sorry for the awful quality! Pizza Express had terrible lighting for photos.
I'm not going to lie - we ended up going into Victorias Secret/PINK about 5 times. I'm quite stingy when it comes to buying more expensive items and love a good bargain, so I was trying to justify spending £7 on a pair of bog standard underwear (that I could probably get from Primark for £2). I kept walking in, looking at them, and saying 'Hmm no I don't really need them', and then approximately 10 minutes later, saying 'I might get them actually', and so the cycle began. I noticed they had an offer on in the end though for 5 for £20, which was a pretty good saving (saving of £15) so I caved and bought them! I also picked up some of the body mists from VS Pink in 'Total Flirt' and 'Wild and Breezy', which smell amazing. They were on offer for 2 for £18, and I've had the mists before so I know I love them!

We then headed to Primark and I went a bit crazy in the home section... oops! My room has been painted since last October, and I still haven't gotten round to getting photos to hang on my walls. I found a quote printed on a canvas like material (it's a bit rougher than canvas) which is so cringe but fit with my monochrome theme perfectly. I also got a light up speech bubble chalkboard which I though would look amazing on my shelving unit I have in my room (word to the wise - don't use a chalkboard marker on it. It stains and you'll have to pay an extra £4 like me to buy chalkboard paint to re-paint it!). I picked up this black and white stitched cushion which matched my room theme really well. I bought some copper wire coat hangers... Before you say it! 'Why do you need to buy coat hangers??' Well I can justify this one - kind of... I want to move out at some point next year (genuinely just because I want to decorate everywhere how I want), and so my own coat hangers would come in handy, right? Plus they're pretty!

I then went to Next and saw this really cute dish that I'm going to use to put my jewellery on, and picked up this little gold glitter heart ornament from Topshop for only 50p!

Since we were staying there the whole day, we had a bit of time to kill, so we headed to Costa for a well deserved drink and cake, before heading back home for some well deserved rest!

I also went out early this morning in my home town to buy some chalkboard paint and while I was out, I couldn't help but pick up this insanely pretty Rouge Dior Baume lipstick in the shade 558 Lili (maybe a first impressions coming soon when I pluck up the courage to ruin its perfection. Sigh)

I had a lovely day in Leeds and I'm hoping to go back soon!


Tuesday, 16 February 2016

It's the Little Touches - Copper

This is the first post of (hopefully) a series on this blog! I love decorating my room and making it look pretty, and like a lot of other people right now, I am obsessed with copper.

So where did this obsession come from you ask? Instagram obviously... The amount of posts I saw of interiors with copper accents made me fall in love with it (much to my bank accounts dismay). I decided I wanted to redecorate my room and bring a monochrome/pink/copper theme, so I've taken a few photos to show you!
Copper Lamp - Sainsburys, Grey Sand Hourglass - BHS, Artificial Plant + Pot - IKEA, Sea Salt Candle - Clintons, Glass Fox - Gift Shop, Bedding - IKEA, Fairy Lights - Primark
White + Copper Light Shade - IKEA
Cacti - IKEA, 3 Piece Copper Candle Holder - Homebargains
Reed Diffuser - Next, Hand Ornament - Urban Outfitters, Crackled Candle Votive - ASDA, Pink Patterned Tealight Holder - Garden Centre
Copper Photoframe - Next, Hammered Copper Candle - Primark, Black and Gold Candle - Primark, Pink Patterned Tealight Holder - Garden Centre
White Photo Frame - IKEA, Copper Photo Frame - Primark, Earl Grey Tealight Holder - Primark, 3 Wick Candle - Next, 'Choose Happy' Plaque - Next
So there it is! I really love these things I have picked up over time to add more character to my room. Note the glass fox on my bedside table? Yeah, I bought that way back last February when the amount of money I spent on fox related decorations (and mugs... and notebooks... I could carry on) was merely a dent in my monthly wage. I need help.

Are you just as obsessed with copper as me?


Monday, 15 February 2016

3 Ways I can be Happier

Being a sixth form student, the level of work can really drag me down. Not only are all three of my subjects heavily coursework based (media in particular - two written pieces of coursework and a print based piece), but they all require a high level of work done outside of the classroom. I also have a part time job, meaning I have a mere one free day to do whatever I want - and to be quite honest I don't want to do work on my only day off! Thus, has resulted in me falling into a routine of basically, not caring about school work as much as I should, and living in constant stress that the work I eventually do, isn't up to standard. I'm ready to break out of this constant cycle, so here are three I'm going to do just that!

1. Get Organised
I know, cliché right? It seems like all of these posts include this, but for me, this is one of the main things I am going to aim to do in the next few weeks. I find myself stuck when it comes to school work and trying to find all of my notes, because they're scattered all over in different notebooks, some in files, a good few in a discarded pile of random notes in my locker. Not only does this apply to school work, but at home as well. My room isn't a place I can feel comfortable, even though its decorated exactly how I want it, nothing has its own place! My laptop lives on top of a record player when its not used, which creates clutter and not the look that I want in my room at all. My room is quite small with all my furniture in, and I no longer have a desk, so my makeup is in a little set patterned cardboard drawers, sitting on an old white stool I used to use with my desk. In order to do this, at some point before the end of February, I am dedicating a whole Sunday to deep cleaning my room. Emptying drawers, chucking out clothes I don't wear anymore, sorting through all my empty makeup boxes (and trying to part with them - I think I'm a hoarder... this is a big problem...), and my makeup. Just generally sorting out my life.

Fluffy Cushion - Handmade, Black and White patterned - Ikea, R Monogram - Next, Pink Heart - Primark,
Bedding - Ikea, Fairy Lights - Primark
2. Stop Worrying
Ok so, this could be taken the wrong way. Especially since my last point was to care more about my school work, but hear me out. I feel like so much of my energy is being wasted on things I shouldn't think twice about. I worry about things, that to other people, wouldn't bother them in the slightest, but to me I internalise it and make so many assumptions in my head (that by the way, would never happen... it's just me being insanely paranoid). One way in which I am going to overcome this is just being carefree. How do I explain this - only worrying about things that directly involve me. Because if I'm not involved - then whats the point in me worrying! I also think some sort of journal will be really beneficial for me, where I can let out all my worries and anxieties on a page a day.

3. Be Active
So I'm not going to lie, I'm not in the best shape at the minute. So another goal I have is to get active, and eat healthier. After my 18th celebrations at the end of January (a whopping 6 separate celebrations, all including vast amounts of food - especially cake) I now feel like my body is paying for it. I constantly feel sluggish and unmotivated to do anything, so the new me starts now. Every year a little part of me wants to commit to the whole 'new year, new me' cliché lots of people do, but I know it wouldn't last long with my birthday in the same month. To this I say, my 2016 starts now! A healthier diet and more active lifestyle... lets hope this goes to plan. (I know it won't. I have a meal at Pizza Express booked on Wednesday, so maybe we'll start this one on Thursday, ahah!). Who knows, maybe I'll be a health and fitness blogger by 2017..

I hope you can take some motivation from this! Hope it helped :)


Sunday, 14 February 2016

MAC Warm Neutral Palette - Review

MAC eyeshadows are my favourite eyeshadows, but with their £13 each price tag, I hesitate on spending the money. I recently worked out that the quad of eyeshadow I made with them cost me £45... FOR FOUR EYESHADOWS. My bank account just isn't built for that.

I had noticed a few people talking about the MAC 15 piece Cool Neutral and Warm Neutral palettes, and I initially thought 'how many hundreds would this cost me then?', until I decided to look at it properly online. At £65 you get 15 shades, both matte and shimmery, in a palette. I worked this out. If I was to buy the eyeshadows individually, it would cost me £150, (the eyeshadows without the plastic casing and just in the pan cost £10 each) the empty pro palette, which is £10, then a empty insert for the palette which cost £2.50. So, all in all, £162.50 for 15 eyeshadows. By getting this palette, your saving almost £100, and the shades are guaranteed to match as they're selected to go together. However, this does take some of the individuality and excitement out of selecting all the eyeshadows you want, but if its saving you almost £100...

 I think the colour range in this palette is really good. You get a variety of brown and pink toned natural colours which all match. There are some really pretty shimmery shades, and also some matte shades ranging from light to dark. I really love the colour 'Honeylust' from this palette, which when applied over the top of the MAC 'Let Me Pop' paint pot, looks so pretty and sparkly. I've also really been loving the shade 'Creative Copper' on the lid if I want to go a bit more dramatic, as it is a lot more sparkly, and is more gold toned. One colour I underestimated was definitely 'Divine Decadence' which just looks like a slightly shimmery, mediocre brown shade in the palette, however when swatched, is much more shimmery and possibly has the best pigment of the whole palette. The matte colours, 'Dark Brew' and 'Dance in the Dark' are questionable, however: The shades themselves are really versatile, and look in the pan to be really useful colours to use in the crease for extra definition, however when swatched, as seen in the photo below, the pigment quality you would expect from such a well known brand, just isn't there. I think these colours are definately buildable, but you would need a primer underneath to get the colour pay off you would expect. The highlight colours are really well pigmented, and again have a variety of shimmery and matte shades in order to get the brightening finish you want!

Yes, there are many strengths, and a few weaknesses to this palette, however I have noticed a major let down that I don't think was necessary. The upside to pro palettes, is that when you run out of a certain colour, you can easily remove the pan to replace it as they're magnetic. This palette, doesn't let you replace eyeshadows when they're finished. Annoying right? So instead of the ease of just replacing the colour you have run out of, you'd essentially have to replace the entire palette to get that one shade you were missing. I suppose that's the catch for a saving of almost £100.

Here is an eye look I created with this palette. I used the shades 'Divine Decadence', and 'Dark Brew' in the outer corner, 'Honeylust' on the lid, then 'Brule' underneath the brow bone for highlight. I then added a wing with my L'Oreal Super Liner, filled my eyebrows in with my Barry M Shape and Define Brow kit, and finished with my Clinique High Impact Mascara. This is my current everyday eye routine, as it doesn't take long to do, however adds some definition to my eyes.

So my overall verdict is kind of on the fence! I love the colours, and the pigmentation in most of the shadows is amazing (it's just those matte ones that really let it down!). The palette makes it not possible to replace the shades you run out of, which is a massive downside for me. I do think that you can create a variety of different eye looks though, ranging from natural to even a smoky eye if you use primer. It all just depends on the person buying, and if you think that slight slip up with the matte shades will really effect you that much. For the £65, I would've liked those shades to be a lot more pigmented because I use them everyday, but the quality of the other shades almost make up for it, and I have just had to deal with building up the mattes for my desired intensity.

As for me possibly buying the Cool Neutral palette - I don't think I will be any time soon. I wear gold toned neutrals almost everyday, and I just don't think silver toned shadows suit me as well. (I'm saying this after I bought the Naked Smokey palette...) If I ever do wear silver shadows, it's for a special occasion. But I never feel as comfortable as I do with my gold shades. I think for £65, getting the Cool Neutrals just isn't worth it for me. I wouldn't use it half as much as the Warm Neutrals, and would probably just sit collecting dust.

I hope this post helped you!

Saturday, 13 February 2016

Welcome to Static Nova

Welcome to Static Nova! I'm Rebecca, and I'm 18 and currently studying for my A-Levels.
I will be posting a wide variety of posts on here, including beauty and lifestyle!

New posts coming soon!
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