Monday, 22 February 2016

Blogs You need to Read

As a long time blog-reader, I have built up quite a few blogs I regularly check for new posts, and found some new ones since I've been blogging myself! Here's 7 blogs that I have been loving recently!

Estee Lalonde

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I've followed Estee on Youtube for quite a while (and even got a tweet back when I was about 14 which sent my little fangirl inside doolally) and she is hands down one of my favourite bloggers. Her sense of style is amazing, and she seems like she has such a kind nature. I always look forward to watching her videos and reading her posts when she publishes new ones!

You can read Estees Blog here


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Ahh, again, one of my favourite blogs that I've read, and Youtube I've watched. She is a real role model for young girls, and has been able to document her journey with depression/self harm which takes so much courage. She is also now a curve model, and doing an amazing job at it! Definitely worth a read!
You can read Gracies blog here

Becca Rose
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Another blogger/youtuber I've known for a while! Her sense of style is amazing and I live for her Primark hauls over on Youtube. She always finds the nicest stuff there! Her blog features a mixture of beauty, fashion and lifestyle. Her most recent post is about her newly decorated living room, which looks amazing and can provide some inspiration!

You can read Becca's Blog here

Life By Becky
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I haven't been reading Beckys blog for too long, but I'm so glad I found it! Her posts are on a wide range of topics, and I always enjoy reading them when a new one is posted. She's also a regular commenter on my posts (as am I on hers!), and always leaves the loveliest comments! (P.s. how cute is her blog header?!)

You can read Becky's Blog here

Pearls and Poodles
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I found Milly's blog through instagram, and have been obsessed ever since. Her posts are mainly centralised around beauty and skincare, however has thrown in a few different variations along the way. I've been reading for just over 2 years now, and since she has celebrated her wedding, and welcomed her first child (the cutest little gal ever) Florence!

You can read Milly's Blog here

Lily Melrose
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Lily Melrose runs a UK based style and fashion blog, a very good one at that! I love her sense of style and her posts are so enjoyable to read. She recently published a post informing us that she is spending more time on her Youtube, which is also amazing! You should check both out!

You can read Lily's Blog here

Your Own Queen
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Another lovely blogger who has commented on a few of my posts since I started. Her blog is focused on self-improvement, and is so lovely to read. Her blog has inspired me to try a few 30 day challenges over the next few months in a bid to allow myself to feel healthier. I am starting with challenging myself to go 30 days without sugar, and 30 days drinking only water! 

You can read Kirsten's Blog here

All of these blogs are so lovely to read, and I hope I've helped you find some new sites to add to your reading lists!



  1. Oh my gosh! I'm so flattered! I feel like such a goober because I just changed my URL! Thanks for the shout out and I can't wait to see your journey with the challenges. Not gonna lie, the sugar challenge is scaring me quite a bit!



    1. Thank you for commenting! No bother! I'm so nervous for starting the sugar one as well! I know I'm gunna crave chocolate x

  2. Aww thank you SO much lovely! That's made my day!! Nicest thing ever aww 💗💗💗xxxxx

  3. Hey I've just come across your blog and have really been loving it! Keep up the good work! I've never actually heard or seen any of these bloggers before so I'm going to have a look at them now!
    Charlotte //

    1. Hey! Thank you so much! I'm glad it helped!x


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