Monday, 15 February 2016

3 Ways I can be Happier

Being a sixth form student, the level of work can really drag me down. Not only are all three of my subjects heavily coursework based (media in particular - two written pieces of coursework and a print based piece), but they all require a high level of work done outside of the classroom. I also have a part time job, meaning I have a mere one free day to do whatever I want - and to be quite honest I don't want to do work on my only day off! Thus, has resulted in me falling into a routine of basically, not caring about school work as much as I should, and living in constant stress that the work I eventually do, isn't up to standard. I'm ready to break out of this constant cycle, so here are three I'm going to do just that!

1. Get Organised
I know, cliché right? It seems like all of these posts include this, but for me, this is one of the main things I am going to aim to do in the next few weeks. I find myself stuck when it comes to school work and trying to find all of my notes, because they're scattered all over in different notebooks, some in files, a good few in a discarded pile of random notes in my locker. Not only does this apply to school work, but at home as well. My room isn't a place I can feel comfortable, even though its decorated exactly how I want it, nothing has its own place! My laptop lives on top of a record player when its not used, which creates clutter and not the look that I want in my room at all. My room is quite small with all my furniture in, and I no longer have a desk, so my makeup is in a little set patterned cardboard drawers, sitting on an old white stool I used to use with my desk. In order to do this, at some point before the end of February, I am dedicating a whole Sunday to deep cleaning my room. Emptying drawers, chucking out clothes I don't wear anymore, sorting through all my empty makeup boxes (and trying to part with them - I think I'm a hoarder... this is a big problem...), and my makeup. Just generally sorting out my life.

Fluffy Cushion - Handmade, Black and White patterned - Ikea, R Monogram - Next, Pink Heart - Primark,
Bedding - Ikea, Fairy Lights - Primark
2. Stop Worrying
Ok so, this could be taken the wrong way. Especially since my last point was to care more about my school work, but hear me out. I feel like so much of my energy is being wasted on things I shouldn't think twice about. I worry about things, that to other people, wouldn't bother them in the slightest, but to me I internalise it and make so many assumptions in my head (that by the way, would never happen... it's just me being insanely paranoid). One way in which I am going to overcome this is just being carefree. How do I explain this - only worrying about things that directly involve me. Because if I'm not involved - then whats the point in me worrying! I also think some sort of journal will be really beneficial for me, where I can let out all my worries and anxieties on a page a day.

3. Be Active
So I'm not going to lie, I'm not in the best shape at the minute. So another goal I have is to get active, and eat healthier. After my 18th celebrations at the end of January (a whopping 6 separate celebrations, all including vast amounts of food - especially cake) I now feel like my body is paying for it. I constantly feel sluggish and unmotivated to do anything, so the new me starts now. Every year a little part of me wants to commit to the whole 'new year, new me' cliché lots of people do, but I know it wouldn't last long with my birthday in the same month. To this I say, my 2016 starts now! A healthier diet and more active lifestyle... lets hope this goes to plan. (I know it won't. I have a meal at Pizza Express booked on Wednesday, so maybe we'll start this one on Thursday, ahah!). Who knows, maybe I'll be a health and fitness blogger by 2017..

I hope you can take some motivation from this! Hope it helped :)



  1. That is great list to keep yourself sane. Number 2 is great, especially in retrospect as someone who went through the American version of this not too long ago (okay, a little over 5 years ago, shh). There's so much more ahead and everyday is going to continue to present new challenges and situations you've never seen. But if you're this levelheaded now, you'll be fine =]

    Your Own Queen

    1. Thank you for the comment! I'm just trying to better myself everyday, because if I get these sorted out I know I'll feel better for it!

      Rebecca x

  2. Great post! That second point is me to a T.... spending five times as much energy worrying when I could just quickly get the job done. Good luck with everything!

    Odessa Darling

    1. Glad you liked it! Thanks for commenting :) x


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