Sunday, 14 February 2016

MAC Warm Neutral Palette - Review

MAC eyeshadows are my favourite eyeshadows, but with their £13 each price tag, I hesitate on spending the money. I recently worked out that the quad of eyeshadow I made with them cost me £45... FOR FOUR EYESHADOWS. My bank account just isn't built for that.

I had noticed a few people talking about the MAC 15 piece Cool Neutral and Warm Neutral palettes, and I initially thought 'how many hundreds would this cost me then?', until I decided to look at it properly online. At £65 you get 15 shades, both matte and shimmery, in a palette. I worked this out. If I was to buy the eyeshadows individually, it would cost me £150, (the eyeshadows without the plastic casing and just in the pan cost £10 each) the empty pro palette, which is £10, then a empty insert for the palette which cost £2.50. So, all in all, £162.50 for 15 eyeshadows. By getting this palette, your saving almost £100, and the shades are guaranteed to match as they're selected to go together. However, this does take some of the individuality and excitement out of selecting all the eyeshadows you want, but if its saving you almost £100...

 I think the colour range in this palette is really good. You get a variety of brown and pink toned natural colours which all match. There are some really pretty shimmery shades, and also some matte shades ranging from light to dark. I really love the colour 'Honeylust' from this palette, which when applied over the top of the MAC 'Let Me Pop' paint pot, looks so pretty and sparkly. I've also really been loving the shade 'Creative Copper' on the lid if I want to go a bit more dramatic, as it is a lot more sparkly, and is more gold toned. One colour I underestimated was definitely 'Divine Decadence' which just looks like a slightly shimmery, mediocre brown shade in the palette, however when swatched, is much more shimmery and possibly has the best pigment of the whole palette. The matte colours, 'Dark Brew' and 'Dance in the Dark' are questionable, however: The shades themselves are really versatile, and look in the pan to be really useful colours to use in the crease for extra definition, however when swatched, as seen in the photo below, the pigment quality you would expect from such a well known brand, just isn't there. I think these colours are definately buildable, but you would need a primer underneath to get the colour pay off you would expect. The highlight colours are really well pigmented, and again have a variety of shimmery and matte shades in order to get the brightening finish you want!

Yes, there are many strengths, and a few weaknesses to this palette, however I have noticed a major let down that I don't think was necessary. The upside to pro palettes, is that when you run out of a certain colour, you can easily remove the pan to replace it as they're magnetic. This palette, doesn't let you replace eyeshadows when they're finished. Annoying right? So instead of the ease of just replacing the colour you have run out of, you'd essentially have to replace the entire palette to get that one shade you were missing. I suppose that's the catch for a saving of almost £100.

Here is an eye look I created with this palette. I used the shades 'Divine Decadence', and 'Dark Brew' in the outer corner, 'Honeylust' on the lid, then 'Brule' underneath the brow bone for highlight. I then added a wing with my L'Oreal Super Liner, filled my eyebrows in with my Barry M Shape and Define Brow kit, and finished with my Clinique High Impact Mascara. This is my current everyday eye routine, as it doesn't take long to do, however adds some definition to my eyes.

So my overall verdict is kind of on the fence! I love the colours, and the pigmentation in most of the shadows is amazing (it's just those matte ones that really let it down!). The palette makes it not possible to replace the shades you run out of, which is a massive downside for me. I do think that you can create a variety of different eye looks though, ranging from natural to even a smoky eye if you use primer. It all just depends on the person buying, and if you think that slight slip up with the matte shades will really effect you that much. For the £65, I would've liked those shades to be a lot more pigmented because I use them everyday, but the quality of the other shades almost make up for it, and I have just had to deal with building up the mattes for my desired intensity.

As for me possibly buying the Cool Neutral palette - I don't think I will be any time soon. I wear gold toned neutrals almost everyday, and I just don't think silver toned shadows suit me as well. (I'm saying this after I bought the Naked Smokey palette...) If I ever do wear silver shadows, it's for a special occasion. But I never feel as comfortable as I do with my gold shades. I think for £65, getting the Cool Neutrals just isn't worth it for me. I wouldn't use it half as much as the Warm Neutrals, and would probably just sit collecting dust.

I hope this post helped you!

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