Sunday, 21 February 2016

Rouge Dior Baume First Impressions

Nothing's more satisfying than getting a new high end lippy! That perfect, logo-ed goodness is too good to ruin! Unfortunately, if you follow that outlook then you'd end up wasting a lot of money.. but at least it'd still look pretty, right?

The shade I chose is number 558 'Lili', and it is a beautiful rose-y pink colour, which has a lot of shine. This is because 'baume' translated from French to English is 'balm', and so it does provide the needs of a balm, with the appearance of a lipstick rather than a balm. The formula is very moisturising, and can replace a balm before a lipstick. The first reaction I had trying this product was that it was really smooth to apply, and almost just feels like I'm applying a chapstick. The colour pay off is essentially a 'your lips but better' look, as the colour is very subtle. I would wear this lipstick with a very neutral eye, as it is in my opinion an amazing everyday, casual colour and formulation.

Top - No Product, Bottom - With Product
As you can tell, the colour is very light, which I was initially annoyed about, however after feeling the formula and feeling how smooth it is on my lips, it made up for it. However, at £26, I would've liked it to be a little less sheer.

Watched, the product seems like a brighter colour, however when applied, is very similar to the natural colour of my lips and so doesn't have the effect that I initially wanted or expected. That being said, the formula of the product is amazing, I love the subtle hint of colour and it feels very moisturising on the lips, so I would probably buy more!

I think this product would be incredible for anyone who suffers from chapped lips, as this glides over and acts as a treatment at the same time!



  1. I love Dior Lipsticks ! This color is so pretty !

    1. It is isn't it! Just wish the formula was a little bit more pigmented! Thanks for commenting x

  2. Aw I think it's really pretty!! I'd probably be annoyed too that it's quite sheer, as I'm loving really dark lips, but that being said it still is a gorgeous colour. I'd love to try out a Dior lipstick, but that'll have to be a treat as it's very expensive haha xxx
    Becky Shannon xx - Life-by-Becky

    1. I really want to try one of their normal lipsticks (I almost did but then I realised the shade I wanted was basically identical to MAC Brave which I wear nearly everyday), I feel like they might be a better formula for me. I'm very self conscious about my lips because they're really thin, so using a lipstick with a more intense colour pigment really helps with reshaping, which this product can't do. It isn't a bad product at all, but I feel like this formulation is so sheer, I would only really wear it for work or 6th form, so I'm not sure the £26 is justifiable xx


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