Friday, 11 March 2016

Current Jewellery Faves - Silver

I definitely go through phases with my jewellery. Last year I would've said I wear only gold coloured everything; necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings. After my birthday, and receiving a whole load of silver jewellery, I definitely have a new found appreciation for it! After being a long time gold jewellery junkie, it feels, almost refreshing to update my staple jewellery pieces.

First are my Pandora rings, aka, the loves of my life. I tend to stack these up because they look so pretty together! I have the January birthstone ring, which was a Christmas gift off my parents, and the other is the 'Openwork Linked Love Ring', which I very gratefully received of my Uncle, Aunty and Cousins for my 18th. These are so simple, and for me have become a staple in my jewellery box (well, jewellery dish, but it doesn't sound as good)

I then have 2 pairs of hooped earrings, both of which came from the set I bought from Claires that I mentioned in my February Favourites post. I've been loving wearing these: I just love the simplicity of the plain silver ones. But, it adds a little extra something with the black beads on the others.

The other earrings I have are these birthstone studs from a website named Argento which I received off my mams aunty and cousin for my 18th. I wear these so much! I just wish I still had my second piercings on my ears and they didn't close up because I would love to wear them with a pair of the hoops! Also from my mams aunty and cousin, I received this silver drawstring bracelet, which I was really intrigued by, because I've never seen a metal bracelet in this form. I've only ever seen them made from string! I've been wearing this pretty much every day, and is so simple - it goes with everything! This is also from Argento.

Lastly is this engraved locket which I also received as a gift from my dads aunty and uncle for my 18th. It is engraved with my name, and is such a traditional, simple piece of jewellery. I've been loving it!

Are you a fan of silver jewellery?



  1. I love a good pandora ring, they're so luxurious!
    Charlotte //

    1. Yeah they're so nice! They're like my most prized possessions as I got them as gifts from my family! Thanks for commenting x

  2. Ive been looking for a nice pair of silver, small hoops for ages! I'll defiantly have to have a look in Claire's!
    Steph x

    1. Yeah definitely try Claire's! They came in a pack of 5 or 6 for about £6! Thanks for commenting x


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