Wednesday, 23 March 2016

The Beauty Confessions Tag!

This is going to be quite a different one for me today - it's my first tag! I was tagged by both the lovely Joanna from '', Hannah from 'Hannah Louise Blogs' and Francesca from 'It's a Kinda Blog Thing'! Thank you so much all of you for tagging me in your posts!

This tag particularly interested me because I am a massive fan of makeup, and own probably way to much of it... so I better start now!

1. What is your biggest beauty product addiction (lippies, blushes, highlighter, bronzer, mascara etc)?
I'm 100% a lipstick junkie. I have way too many! Whenever I'm thinking about getting high end makeup, I always look straight at the lipsticks!

2. How many products from your addiction do you have?
From memory, about 19/20 lipsticks. I had a massive clear out recently and chucked/gave away the colours I didn't wear anymore!

3). What is one type of beauty product you hate (highlighters, hairspray etc.)?
I have a love/hate relationship with blushers. I feel like even the slightest bit is too much. Although I still buy them with an end product in mind, I can never get them to work for me the way I wanted them too. *silently sobs in the corner*

4). What has been your biggest challenge in beauty (e.g. a technique you learned or leaving a beauty comfort zone)?
I remember when I was in year 8, winged eyeliner just started to become popular and people started wearing it for school. I remember thinking that it was way to over the top and I would never wear it... Flash forward a year however, and I spent my whole of year 9 with really thick winged liner. God help me it looked awful, but now I am able to tailor it to my style and I now wear it everyday!

5). What is one beauty comfort zone you don’t ever think you’ll leave?
I'm super comfortable with applying my mascara. I have naturally long lashes, and when I would try to curl them, it just wouldn't look right (I'm talking a massive kink in my lashes that was basically geometric. It was awful). I'm now so comfortable with how to apply the mascara in order curl them without using a curler... It involves many coats of mascara!

6).  What is one beauty thing you suck at (e.g. eyeliner like cat eye or taking your makeup off at the end of the day etc.)?
Eyebrows 100%. I use the Barry M eyebrow palette, which has made my life so much more easier as the wax is easier to use in my opinion than a pencil. My eyebrows definitely look more like very distant cousins, never mind sisters.

7). What is one thing in beauty that you don’t understand the hype (technique, trend etc.)?
Ombre lips. When they're done right they can look lovely,  but they just seem unpractical!

So there we have my 7 beauty confessions! I tag...

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  1. this tag is so much fun! would love to do one:) btw, I am in pretty much the same realtionship with blushes haha


  2. this tag is so much fun! would love to do one:) btw, I am in pretty much the same realtionship with blushes haha


  3. Don't worry you aren't the only lipstick junkie out there! I've got millions haha!
    Charlotte //

    1. I need to stop myself honestly ahah! Thanks for commenting x


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