Monday, 4 April 2016

Introducing #SOPPYSUNDAY

After a ever so deep conversation with the girls in the group chat, the idea of 'Soppy Sundays' promptly began. After a bit of deliberation, I've decided to launch another blog with the lovely Alex from 'The Lippie Lady'.

So what is #SOPPYSUNDAY you ask? Well, #SOPPYSUNDAY is an opportunity to create blogposts about something you are grateful for, or happy about and share it with other bloggers. Let me elaborate...

You create a blogpost about pretty much anything you desire. It could be a way to vent, a way to express sentimental values, or spread positivity - basically anything that you care about. Tag @soppysundays with a link to your blog post and we will share it on!

So where did this idea come from? Well, as the lovely girls in the group chat will know, we are all so incredibly close - despite never meeting in person! We constantly find ourselves venting etc, and often take the time to express our gratitude for one another! You may have seen a few weeks ago, a few of us (including me) tweeting about Soppy Sundays... and so I thought 'Lets go ahead and make this an actual thing!'

And so, with the help of Alex, we are going to start #SOPPYSUNDAY on Sunday April the 10th. As of now, there are no themes, so if you wish to create a post, write to your hearts desire about anything you are grateful/happy/sentimental about, tag @soppysundays on Twitter, and your post will be published on our page!

Happy writing!


  1. Yay you did it! Will have to try and remember to do this from now on! :-) x

    1. Yeah!! Omg I'm so excited for it!x


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