Thursday, 2 June 2016

Doing Your Own Makeup for a Big Event?

As prom season is fast approaching, those of you who have a prom/ball will most likely be frantically sorting out dresses/makeup/hair/shoes/accessories whilst trying to tackle exams. Well if I'm honest - I was in that exact position 2 years ago, and organising a makeup artist/hair appointment for Prom seemed like the last of my worries and slipped my mind, resulting in myself doing my own hair and makeup.

I'm not going to lie, I loved it at the time (this was most likely just because of the excitement of the whole idea of prom), but looking back I didn't do anything extraordinary and I looked like I did nearly any other day. Now, being 2 years older and with a lot more experience of applying makeup, I totally regret every aspect of how I looked on my night and ultimately wish I had got a professional to do my makeup. So what am I doing this time around for my year 13 leavers ball? - Yep, I'm doing it myself again...

So you might be thinking, 'If you hated it the last time why are you doing it again?', and if I'm honest, I feel like I'm taking a massive risk as a lot of my friends are getting their makeup professionally done and I'm afraid of looking like a potato who tried to make their makeup look 'professional' in photos. After practicing a few times though, I think I have a routine sorted and came up with a makeup look I feel confident in, I've put together a small list which will hopefully help some of you who are doing your own makeup.

Practice, Practice, Practice!
From experience - make sure you come up with a look you're happy with and practice it a good few times to make sure it is the look for you. Try experimenting with different products to see which gives the best result for you personally! Don't leave it to chance on the night.

Splurge or Save?
I have to say, I definitely like to save for the majority of my makeup and usually shop in Superdrug and Boots. I did use mostly drugstore makeup in my year 11 prom, however, now that 2 years has passed since my last prom, I have built up a good selection of higher end makeup which I will be putting to use this time around. Don't feel like because it is a special occasion, you have to use higher end makeup. Makeup Revolution have amazing eyeshadow palettes that are affordable and have loads of different colours which will allow you to experiment with colour combinations. For my prom I used a pretty cheap palette (I can't even remember where it was from), and the colours were even more pigmented than some in the Naked 2 palette that I now own! A higher price tag definitely doesn't mean a higher quality product.

Use the Products you Know you Love
I mean this along the lines of using the same brushes/sponges that you know work best for you. Also, using foundations and powders that you know agree with your skin, sit well, and are a perfect match to your skin tone will allow you to feel a lot more confident on your day! Experiment with new products in your trial runs to make sure you're fully happy with the end result!

Being 'different'
I learned this the hard way; and when I say this, I mean now, looking back on my makeup 2 years ago, my prom makeup looked no different, if less, than the makeup I wear today. To be honest, it looked the same as I wore everyday for school because I was too scared to experiment on the day in case anything went wrong. This time around I've gone for a black and gold smokey cat eye and big fluttery lashes, which is so different for me since I usually go quite light and neutral with eyeshadows and am admittedly afraid of experimentation for day to day makeup wear. Once I tried it and saw the eyes with the rest of my makeup, I was honestly pleasantly surprised and felt so confident with it. This is how everyone should feel on their special night!

I honestly hope this helps anyone whether you're going to prom, or even a big event that you have coming up!


  1. These are some really good tips, I think it's important to use the make-up which you know works and you love. This isn't the time to start experimenting as it could all go wrong!

    1. Thank you for commenting! Yes exactly!x

  2. This is such a great read! I remember being in this exact situation when it was my prom 3 years ago now! Practice is definitely key when it comes to doing your own makeup for a big event!

    Shan xx |

    1. Thank you for commenting lovely! Yeah definitely, you want it to be perfect on the night!x


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