Monday, 27 June 2016

My Benefit Brow Bar Experience

Last week, I was invited to attend the Benefit Brow event in Eldon Square, Newcastle Debenhams to celebrate the release of their new brow collection. I was honestly so excited to go since I've only had my eyebrows done once professionally before, and that was more than 2 years ago now - I honestly never get round to booking anything in and then just end up doing it myself!

Here is the before and after shot of my eyebrows... I'm actually in love with how they look. Firstly, I got them waxed for the first time, and I have to say I am converted. The lovely Rachel from Benefit Brow Newcastle completed the treatment and talked me through the whole process, and explained what she was going to do in order to regain a good brow shape again, since I had over plucked as you can see in the top photo. She did recommend a brow tint, which I am going to go and get done next time I get them waxed. So I guess that answers the question of would I return - I definitely will! Rachel was so lovely and made sure I was happy with the shape and the finish of them, and I was absolutely over the moon with the results!

The last time I got my eyebrows professionally done was 2 years ago in one of the ASDA beauty bars that had just opened. They definitely just plucked them and didn't take much notice about the shape I was looking for, and plucked them straight across on the top. My eyebrows in year 11 were questionable to say the least... Rachel talked me through what I should go in order to make the hair on my eyebrows grow back in, and recommended that I don't touch them until it grows back in. I feel like, in the beauty bars of them in ASDA and elsewhere (I've seen them dotted around in bigger Tescos as well? Maybe I'm just making that up but I'm sure I've seen one somewhere) they didn't take much care to try and allow regrowth to be easy. They just pluck straight across and it just didn't look the best.

Rachel then tested the products out, and let me try them out for myself. I need the whole collection!! First she used the Browvo eyebrow primer which helps condition the brows and help regrowth - which is just what I needed in this situation! She then used the Goof Proof  pencil in the shade 4 to fill in and reshape the brows. This colour was the perfect shade for me and matched my hair so well. She then used the Gimme Brow to help add more thickness to them, and used the Ready Set Brows clear eyebrow gel to set them in place. She finished by cleaning up with he Boiing Concealer in the shade light, and highlighted with the High Brow Glow pencil underneath the brow. When I tested out the products myself, I was so pleased to see how easy they were to use! I will definitely be going to purchase once payday comes around!

Have you tried the Benefit Brow Bar before? What did you think?



  1. I've only ever tried the Gimme Brow (which I love). But I'm really excited about the rest of this line. I love how your brows look! Good luck with fixing the shape. We've all been there, hahaha!


    1. Ahaha! I'm getting the new products next time I'm out shopping!x

  2. Your eyebrows look really good, they've definitely given you a nicer arch, I haven't tried any of the brow products from Benefit. It sounds like you had a really beneficial time!
    Charlotte //

    1. Yes I'm in love with how they've turned out! Thanks for commenting x


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