Sunday, 31 July 2016

Being a Northern Blogger

So I mean, the title of this post sounds quite strange, but nevertheless, I wanted to do this post and I had no other idea on how to title this...

So as you may know, I live in a town quite close to Newcastle, and I have noticed some pros and cons of living up north, and the effects it has on my blog. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love living near Newcastle. It's such a diverse area to live in, with a good shopping centre, and both so close to both rural, urban and seaside towns, all within an hours drive.

As many other bloggers may feel - living up north can make blogging a very expensive hobby to have. Let me explain....

So being up here, you're essentially away from the blogging 'centre' which is London. All the PR companies are based there, so events are normally organised in some super swanky venue in SoHo or a beautiful hotel function room of sorts. Not all of us, me especially, can afford the costs to attend these events. For example, return train fare from Newcastle to London can be anywhere between £100-£200+, especially when booked last minute, which a Saturday job cannot fund. Unfortunately, I have had to turn down a few blogging events because of this. You feel out of the blogging 'loop' since you can't meet all the other bloggers you read/interact with online. All the massive meet ups and events happen a 5 hour drive from you, it's incredibly hard to do a 'quick trip' to London for an event. The 'quick trip' would turn into a 3 hour train ride/5 hour car ride, £100+ for a night in a hotel, money for meals and drinks. It definitely adds up!

However, living up north does have its pros. As I said, I'm super close to a major city, but also close to the sea and the countryside - which gives me the best of both worlds really! The North East blogger network are an amazing group of people, and I have some amazing friends close to home who share this hobby. North East blogging events actually happen quite often, and I try to attend them as often as I can! Even though you're out of that 'loop', you can still get involved in the blogging community by attending smaller events closer to home. You save some money along the way as well!

So yeah... quite the unusual blog post but I hope you enjoyed it! Are you a Northern Blogger? I'd love  to hear your opinions!


  1. I can relate! I suppose you could say i'm a northern blogger.. well north west, so far north-west in fact that im not entirely sure we're on the map haha! I'm from the hebrides in Scotland and totally know what you mean when you say you can feel a bit 'out of the loop'. xx

    Erin | Little Bateaux

    1. Yeah it's annoying sometimes isn't it! Although it is nice to interact with bloggers close by! Thanks for commenting 💖


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