Monday, 1 August 2016

Revolution Golden Sugar Palette

So you've probably heard all about this palette already - as have I, but I could never find it! It was out of stock, literally in every Superdrug, for months! Until about a week ago when I wandered into my local Superdrug intending to look, and not buy - and of course it was in stock. Before I knew it I couldn't control myself and this went in my basket, along with a load of other items I probably didn't need... but I needed them. Like, I had to have them... I felt like every time I picked up a lipstick to swatch they were crying at me to not put them down. Why must I have no self control?

The shades are so amazing, first off. There's quite a variety of blush, highlight and bronzer shades, which means I have been able to basically swap my usual MAC stuff for just this palette - which honestly, I'm quite happy about. I'm aiming to go cruelty free, and really want to find alternatives for the makeup that falls under that category. This is a cheap alternative that works just as well as the expensive stuff!

It's also multipurpose! The second shade along on the bottom row has been used in many a eyeshadow look recently, as it just looks amazing with a neutral eye for day to day wear. It adds just the right amount of shimmer, without any chunky glitter pieces if you're going for a lighter day to day look.

My favourite shades for highlight are the two end shades - the white and gold and the champagne shade. I layer these up and they look amazing together. Especially the champagne one when I have a tan! It gives an amazing healthy glow without being to intense. But if I do want to be particularly glowing one day, I use the white and gold shade over the top to add more shimmer. It looks so nice and natural as well!

One complaint I do have about this is the packaging. I know that for £6, you can't really complain when the product itself is so amazing - however, there are a few things that irks me about it. First off, the gold lettering on the front scratched pretty much clean off within the first week of use which is pretty annoying. Another thing about the packaging is that it generally feels a little bit flimsy overall. The mirror in mine isn't completely secure - which may be the case in everyones, or just a factory error in mine.

 Even though I do have these slight complaints, the quality of the packaging doesn't affect the quality of the product inside, and for £6, you can't really complain!

Have you tried this product before? What did you think of it?


  1. I love this palette, the highlighter shades are so pretty! However, I haven't used the bronzer shades yet, but i definitely will after your recommendation :) great post!💕
    Grace X

    1. It's so lovely isn't it! The slightly purple-y bronze-y one is amazing on the eyes! Thank you so much and thanks for commenting! x

  2. I love the look of this palette! It's always great to find a product that you can use in more than one way! It looks so ideal for travel!

    Shan xx |

    1. Yeah it is amazing! Taking it away with me next week along with an eyebrow palette that I can also use as shadow to save some space in my bag! Thank you for commenting x


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