Friday, 9 September 2016

Autumn Handbag Essentials

As Autumn is fast approaching (yas, finally!!) I decided I had to switch up the things I was keeping in my handbag to be more fitting for the colder months...

Zoella 'Wonder Hand' Hand Cream - I've mentioned this in a post previously but oh my it is absolutely amaze! The scent is very light and the formula sinks into your hands so quickly. Being able to feel the hand cream for hours after in a greasy layer is one of my absolute hatreds and this doesn't do it as much as the others I've tried! At £5.50 you can't go wrong!

Maybelline Baby Lips 'Holiday Spice' - I literally bought this in like the beginning of August... The Christmas products cannot start too early! I always carry a lip balm around with me, whether it be tinted like this one, or a tube of the Dr Paw Paw balm. I've been enjoying this one for the tint as it has amazing pigmentation, and as the perfect way to add a little berry tint on your lips for everyday without being too dark or bold! It has been perfect for me since I do not suit berry lips at all - the perfect compromise!

Hand Sanitiser - I'm not too picky on the brand for hand sanitisers - to me they all really do the same thing! This one is from primark and it's pink and has a pretty strong sweet strawberry scent. Not gunna lie though I might have to get my hands on the new Zoella Beauty hand sanitiser because I am in love with the smell of the core collection of products!

Katy Perry 'Killer Queen' Perfume - It can't just be me who gets a perfume for Christmas, and so every time you wear it you're reminded of Christmas? No? Just me? Ok then... But seriously though I got this for Christmas last year and I literally can't tell you how much it now reminds me of Christmas day. It makes it my perfect perfume for the upcoming winter months to get me ready and exited for the festivities to begin!

So there you go... some of my handbag essentials for the autumnal months! What are your handbag essentials?


  1. Your essentials are so pretty! I'm a huge Tocca hand cream fan, but I might have to check out the Zoella hand cream too.


  2. Those seem to be some great essentials, love the perfume bottle!!!

    Have a lovely weekend!
    XO, Melissa

  3. Such a good list of things to keep in your handbag! I wonder if I can order Zoella stuff online and have it shipped to the US seeing as they don't sell that in stores here. I do hate that grease it leaves on your hands though! I need something that can absorb quickly. Great post xo



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