Friday, 28 October 2016

A Beautiful Autumn Bouquet & Giveaway!

The lovely people over at Blossoming Gifts got in contact with me to send over a bouquet of my choice, and of course, since I absolutely love Autumn, I had to choose one of their autumn bouquets!

I chose the 'Woodland' bouquet, which is the most autumnal bunch of flowers on the whole website. I loved the different tones of orange. The bouquet consists of - Orange La Lily x3, Cherry Brandy Roses x6, Burgundy Hypericum Berries x6, Solidago x2, Natural Birch x2, Hard Ruscus x3.

These flowers would make an amazing gift, and have added a beautiful autumnal touch to our living room.

If you would like to win your own 'Woodland' bouquet, just enter below!

To be entered you MUST follow me on Twitter and leave a comment with your full name and email address in order to contact you. If you don't follow on twitter AND leave a comment with your name and email you will not be entered into the draw.

By entering this competition, you are giving permission for Blossoming Gifts to send promotional newsletters and offers.

Only open to the UK

Closes 11pm on the 4th November 2016

Win the beautiful 'Woodland' bouquet

Saturday, 8 October 2016

Revolution Golden Sugar 2 - Rose Gold | #BLOGTOBER

As you may have seen in a previous post, I tested, and fell in love with the original Golden Sugar palette by Revolution. Once I noticed they brought out a second version, I just had to buy it!

The shades in this palette are a lot more pink based than the original. The original had a lot of bronze and gold orientated colours, where as this one, I think is even more wearable than the other. At this time of the year, I always love to start wearing blush again. It gives that rosy glow which is perfect for the colder seasons. The colours are also, again, very multi-purpose just like with the original. The light and darker gold shades just next to the bronzers work really well on the eyes with some darker shadows in the crease. Very autumnal with a plum lippy!

The bronzers are much better shades for lighter skin. The lightest one works perfectly as a contour shade for me as it isn't that orange based. I sometimes use the darker bronzer shade on top of the lighter one for a more defined contour if I'm wanting to wear a bit more makeup that day which when blended out looks really natural and matches my skin colour really well.

Overall, I would recommend the rose gold palette over the original if you have paler skin like me. If you are more tanned or naturally have a darker skin tone, the shades in the original are more likely to be way more suited to you.

Have you tried any of the Golden Sugar palettes?

Friday, 7 October 2016

The Best Beauty Blender Cleaner? | #BLOGTOBER

As I'm sure everyone who owns a beauty blender has encountered, they're an absolute pain to wash. I've tried so many different products in the past like face washes and even shampoo but they always take ages to rinse clean, and even then, all the stains still aren't out. I think I may have just discovered an answer to all my beauty blender prayers...

My dad visited a town whilst on his work travels called Port Sunlight, which is the home of Sunlight Soap. This is a soap that was made locally in the factories and can be used for washing dishes, laundry, surfaces and hands. Since this product was made to work on soft fabrics, I decided to give it a try and see how well it cleaned up my beauty blender.

I used warm water to rinse the sponge and rubbed it against the soap block until it was lathering up. I could see instantly that it was removing foundation stains with ease.

Even though the scent of the product isn't the most desirable (it literally smells like lemon and plasticine) the soap works so well at deep cleaning makeup sponges. The one I have is a replica of the original box since it was bought from its' origin town, but you can get the same product here.

What do you use to clean your beauty blenders?

Thursday, 6 October 2016

Shadow Switch Review | #BLOGTOBER

Beauty Essentials UK very kindly sent me their new 'Shadow Switch' pan to test out and I got super excited about it!

As I'm sure every avid eyeshadow wear-er has encountered, wanting to use that one amazing blending brush you own to blend 5 shadows can sometimes make the shadows look very messy. Shadow Switch has been designed to provide a dry brush cleaning solution to make blending your shadows much easier.

"This innovative product extracts all traces of make-up powder from your brush, allowing you to switch up between different colours and shades. The Shadow Switch also eliminates the possibility of product transfer between your powders when using the same brush"

The product works to the best of its ability when used with dark eyeshadows such as brown or black. You are able to see it going to work the most in these situations. I know that I hate chopping and changing my brushes all the time when doing my eye makeup, and this product eliminates that all together!

I absolutely love this product, it works so well! Especially since now I have been moving to darker colours for the autumn months, it helps keep the shadows looking smokey without making it look like I have a black eye. I would 100% recommend this product to anyone who struggles with shadow blending, or anyone who is as obsessed with eyeshadow as I am!

The Shadow Switch is currently sold on Amazon for £5.99 and is coming to Sephora stores soon! (The packaging for this product isn't finalised)

Have you tried the Shadow Switch?


Monday, 3 October 2016

5 Things I Would Tell My Younger Self | #BLOGTOBER

After searching for inspiration online, I came across this idea which really intrigued me. Obviously this has been done many times before but I wanted to do my own spin on it. So, rather than a 'letter', I'm basically just going to list 5 makeup related sins I committed in my year 9 self...


I know. I'm cringing as well. I was literally so clueless about makeup, that I saw eyebrows as serving no purpose. Why are they there?? They're just annoying bits of hair on your face that hurt to remove... Solution? Obviously cover them in foundation and powder until they're basically non-existent. Not my best look...

Bottom Eyelashes are More Important Than You Think

Don't cut them off with a pair of manicure scissors because they serve no purpose other than getting covered in foundation and concealer every morning. Just don't... (yep that actually happened once and I hate myself for it)

Invest in a Better Foundation

Please don't just use the Dream Matte Mousse your mam gave you after she didn't like it. Not only are you a pre-teen with ridiculously dry skin and applying this foundation makes you look like a flaky mess, but it's also 3 shades too dark. Sort yasel out Rebecca.

Thick Eyeliner isn't Appropriate for School

I mean, our school didn't have many makeup rules, but wearing makeup to excess wasn't really accepted. Literally God knows how I got away with wearing eyeliner about 1cm thick with just as thick wings every day for the whole of year 9.

You Don't Have to Wear Converse With Every Outfit

Not quite makeup related but yeah... No matter what colour clothes I was wearing, they were always paired with a pair of faded navy converse. Every. Single. Weekend. I cry...

So there we go! 5 things I would tell my younger self! What would you tell yourself?
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