Monday, 3 October 2016

5 Things I Would Tell My Younger Self | #BLOGTOBER

After searching for inspiration online, I came across this idea which really intrigued me. Obviously this has been done many times before but I wanted to do my own spin on it. So, rather than a 'letter', I'm basically just going to list 5 makeup related sins I committed in my year 9 self...


I know. I'm cringing as well. I was literally so clueless about makeup, that I saw eyebrows as serving no purpose. Why are they there?? They're just annoying bits of hair on your face that hurt to remove... Solution? Obviously cover them in foundation and powder until they're basically non-existent. Not my best look...

Bottom Eyelashes are More Important Than You Think

Don't cut them off with a pair of manicure scissors because they serve no purpose other than getting covered in foundation and concealer every morning. Just don't... (yep that actually happened once and I hate myself for it)

Invest in a Better Foundation

Please don't just use the Dream Matte Mousse your mam gave you after she didn't like it. Not only are you a pre-teen with ridiculously dry skin and applying this foundation makes you look like a flaky mess, but it's also 3 shades too dark. Sort yasel out Rebecca.

Thick Eyeliner isn't Appropriate for School

I mean, our school didn't have many makeup rules, but wearing makeup to excess wasn't really accepted. Literally God knows how I got away with wearing eyeliner about 1cm thick with just as thick wings every day for the whole of year 9.

You Don't Have to Wear Converse With Every Outfit

Not quite makeup related but yeah... No matter what colour clothes I was wearing, they were always paired with a pair of faded navy converse. Every. Single. Weekend. I cry...

So there we go! 5 things I would tell my younger self! What would you tell yourself?


  1. What a great idea and a twist to what's out there already! It did make me laugh reading yours though! Putting foundation on your eyebrows and cutting your lower lashes OMG! Hahahah. Too funny. However I totally feel ya on the wrong shade and drying for the skin foundation (and mine was streaky!! Wasn't even blended in.. oh dear..) and the excess eyeliner - they were just black circles on my eyes. Hahaha. This was a great post. I enjoyed it xo


    1. I mean what were teenage years if you don't look back on them in complete despair am I right ahah! Thank you for commenting lovely x

  2. Im doing this post next, seems like we have similar things to say to our younger selves.

    Good old times ay? 😂

    Kisses and love

    1. Tell me about it... Just so glad I also ditched my curly full fringe that I never straightened along with these habits haha! Thanks for commenting x


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