Thursday, 6 October 2016

Shadow Switch Review | #BLOGTOBER

Beauty Essentials UK very kindly sent me their new 'Shadow Switch' pan to test out and I got super excited about it!

As I'm sure every avid eyeshadow wear-er has encountered, wanting to use that one amazing blending brush you own to blend 5 shadows can sometimes make the shadows look very messy. Shadow Switch has been designed to provide a dry brush cleaning solution to make blending your shadows much easier.

"This innovative product extracts all traces of make-up powder from your brush, allowing you to switch up between different colours and shades. The Shadow Switch also eliminates the possibility of product transfer between your powders when using the same brush"

The product works to the best of its ability when used with dark eyeshadows such as brown or black. You are able to see it going to work the most in these situations. I know that I hate chopping and changing my brushes all the time when doing my eye makeup, and this product eliminates that all together!

I absolutely love this product, it works so well! Especially since now I have been moving to darker colours for the autumn months, it helps keep the shadows looking smokey without making it look like I have a black eye. I would 100% recommend this product to anyone who struggles with shadow blending, or anyone who is as obsessed with eyeshadow as I am!

The Shadow Switch is currently sold on Amazon for £5.99 and is coming to Sephora stores soon! (The packaging for this product isn't finalised)

Have you tried the Shadow Switch?


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