Friday, 2 December 2016

Perfect Christmas Gifts 🎄 #BLOGMAS

Recently, the lovely people over at Pearls UK contacted me to send me some of their jewellery pieces for a Christmas gift guide! I thought these pieces were perfect for my Mam and my Nanna (my mam was threatening to steal them from me when I first got them delivered... I'm a nice daughter sometimes!)

They both arrived in a beautiful box tied with a ribbon, which gave it that extra special touch that is always amazing in a Christmas gift! As you can see, the colours are absolutely amazing. I chose both pieces in blue, which includes both light and navy blue pearls. They are both made with Swarovski pearls and make an excellent present for both Christmas and birthdays!

The necklace retails for £30, and the bracelet is £25.

You can buy Pearls UK jewellery HERE



  1. These are stunning pieces and would truly make perfect gifts :)

    Lotte |

  2. These are stunning! I know my mum would absolutely loooove the bracelet!


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