Thursday, 19 January 2017

Urban Decay Ultimate Basics Palette

I am a self confessed eyeshadow addict. I have so many eyeshadow palettes which basically have the same variations of brown/gold mattes and shimmer shades. When Urban Decay announced they were releasing a full matte palette, my immediate thought was 'hmm, all matte? That's definitely not for me!' Why would I want matte eyeshadow when I could have shimmer? Where's the highlight? Where's the glitter? After seeing a few blog posts and videos online, I thought I should give it a go. Everyone was creating amazing looks with it so why not give it a try?

(Yes I know the skin on my arms looks disgusting in this. Who knew when you got older you could lose the freckles on your face but not on your arms? Teamed with the fact I'm pale af, and the bad lighting, my skin looks questionable. Also, the spacing of the swatches annoys me as much as it probably annoys you. I'm sorry. I tried, but I had my mam shouting me down for my Sunday dinner and what was more important in that moment? Food? Yes. You guessed correctly.)

Anyway, I have mixed feelings on the colour range of this palette. I like how they included one blue and one purple shade. I'm much more likely to experiment with these colours if they're mixed in with other colours I like. One thing thad did slightly let me down a bit was with the other colours, there wasn't a huge amount of variety. 'Tempted' and 'Faith' are very similar once blended out, and 'Lockout' isn't far from those either. However, I do like that they added one satin finish shade in 'Blow' (can't really see the swatch, sorry) which helps for highlighting. It just makes the palette perfect for a full look. 'Lethal' is one of my favourite shades of the whole palette. It's a very dark plum colour, and unlike anything else I have. I have been teaming this up with my other favourite colour from the palette, 'Extra Bitter' and blending out to make a subtle smokey eye for day-to-day wear!

Overall, I would recommend this palette to people who love using matte shades. I do like using matte shades now and then, but I often find myself adding a little bit of my favourite shimmer shadow 'Honeylust' from MAC to make them a bit brighter. This palette will come in handy for crease colours, since the lighter browns work as transitioning shades, and the darker plum and black shades in the outer corner and through the crease.

Have you tried this palette? What did you think of it?


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