Thursday, 23 February 2017

An Update!

I know, I know... Long time no post. (I'll try and be better ahah!)

If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram, you may have seen it was my birthday a few weeks back! I entered my last year of being a teen and honestly it's kind of scary. You'd think I'd have my shit together by now right? Nah - you know how most people have that one drawer in their room that is the designated 'junk drawer'? Every drawer in my room is a junk drawer, plus the stuff stacked up high in my wardrobe. Left 6th form in June with the intention of being employed on an apprenticeship by September... alas, I am still searching for the perfect job!

Let me get off on a tangent here, but am I the only one who has noticed how much more grumpy everyone is in January? Like yeah I get January is a long month because of the extended time until payday (sigh), but sometimes it's not even a normal amount of grump... Let me explain. It's like the excitement of the festive period is over and the contrast between 'I'm basically the epitome of Christmas! Lets cover my whole house in lights and cover every item of furniture in metres of tinsel!' and 'What a waste of money that was. All I got was socks' is more defined than ever. My example of this is one of my colleagues greeted someone as they entered the shop I work in the other day. A simple friendly 'Hi, you alright?' is all it was. To which the person replied 'I have flu. I need to drink lots of fluids', and just wandered off. Ok then. Take that as a no... Really though, like I get it, everyone is skint after Christmas, including me, but don't take it out on other people!

Back to the job hunting - I've been searching for an apprenticeships for months now. About a year actually, with no luck. Hopefully though, there is something exciting in the works! But I'll tell you about that if it comes to anything!

Other than that, life has been particularly mundane! Just working most days! I have some really exciting events coming up though, like #nebloggersattheraces which I'm so excited for! Be sure to keep an eye out for lots and lots of pictures over on my instagram @staticnova_



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