Sunday, 19 March 2017

I Started A Youtube Channel!

So... yeah... this happened!

I've honestly wanted to start a youtube channel for years, but never had built up enough courage or confidence to do it.

I've posted a couple of videos on old channels before, but I am going to try and keep this channel up and running with regular uploads.

I'm not speaking in my videos for now, taking one step at a time. Also, my video was filmed on my phone so it's not perfect. Hopefully soon I'll have a proper camera and tripod for it!

You can check out my first video here -


Stagecoach #BloggersOnTheBus Event!

A few weeks ago, I attended the #bloggersonthebusevent organised by Bethanie and Stagecoach to mark the launch of their mobile app. The app allows you to track buses and order online day tickets to be used across the North East. The event was at Jalou in Newcastle, and we got to design our own phone cases!

As I mentioned, the event was to mark the launch of Stagecoach's new ticket app, which allows you to buy local day tickets straight from your phone. After the event, I went and downloaded it to test if for myself and it's turned into a life saver! I could be named the queen of being unorganised so you can probably understand that every morning for work I'm scrapping around all my handbags trying to find change for the bus. This makes it so easy since I can just tap a couple of buttons and I have a ticket that I can use the whole day!

Unfortunately, I don't have any photos of our goody bags, but everyone received one. We all got nail polishes (mine in a pretty barbie pink. I'm all about it) some sweets, a CD and possibly the smartest thing - a portable phone charger, which I have needed for months!

We were given free drinks all night, and it was an amazing event to socialise at! If you're in the north east and you haven't already - give the stagecoach app a go! You can download the app here!

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