Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Summer Holidays

I'm collaborating with the people over at 'The Car People' with their 'Thanks Dad' campaign in honour of Fathers Day!

Every year since I was about 4 - me, my mam and my dad have loaded all our stuff in the car and driven to a cottage somewhere for a week in a cottage. Now that I'm working, we won't be able to do it this summer, which makes me incredibly sad. I always loved the drive down to our holidays, and I've compiled a little list of why I loved it and some of my favourite memories!

1. Collectively laughing to some sort of radio show... John Bishops Alphabet Soup podcast in particular! However, more recently we've began to see the humour in the plot twists within BBC Radio 6's choices. Could be listening to Kanye West one second, and a classical concerto the next!

2. I was always the only one in the car who enjoyed travelling in the rain. I don't know why I loved it so much - to be honest I still love it now! I think it made me feel extra cosy with my excessive amount of blankets and cushions I'd bring on holiday with me. Always packing too much! Nothing's changed then...

3. McDonalds breakfasts were always a must when leaving for our holiday. About an hour in, we'd stop off at the McDonalds drive through as a treat to mark the beginning of our summer hols!

4. Before we had the joy of Sat Navs, we always had to follow a road map and plan out our route on paper first. It was always quite exciting as a young child going down all the country roads and little villages whilst on the way to the cottage.

5. I Spy... Need I say more? This was like the most fun game as a 5 year old. Gets a bit repetitive once you play it every year for 5 years whilst on the motorway though...

I loved summer holidays as a kid so much. I'm absolutely gutted we can't have one this year! This will be the first year in 16 years that we haven't been away for a few nights as a family. I don't want to get old! Hopefully we will be able to get something booked in over a weekend if I can get the time off work, but even so, it won't be the same as packing up and calling a little countryside cottage home for the week!

What are your favourite car journey memories?

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